The Green New Steal, or “Hey Buddy, Can You Spare $93 Trillion?”: Part 3

“(C) to secure for all people of the United States for generations to come— (i) clean air and water; (ii) climate and community resiliency; (iii) healthy food; (iv) access to nature; and (v) a sustainable environment; and“

Everyone deserves clean air and water. It is absurd that this has become a political issue. Does one’s political, social, economic, racial, affiliation, or condition matter? How is it that some people say they like clean water and immediately receive a pat on the back? Environmental and political leaders have conveniently discovered that they can make these altruistic comments without actually doing anything to improve the planet’s air or water.

The media are the worst of all. Donald Trump has already planted millions of dollars worth of trees–$3.7 million at one location alone! No grants. No public money. No regulatory requirements. That’s more than all the media elites combined-media elites who criticize the President about his pledge to join in the “Trillion Tree Initiative!

It’s time we dispensed with environmental rhetoric, rolled up our sleeves, and focused on environmental remediation.