Keep U.s. Green

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Protect Our Environment. Keep Our Economy Strong.

Over the past few decades, awareness of pollution and conservation has risen in the United States. While this has led to several good policies and positive changes of behavior, it has also brought misinformation and proposals that would do more harm than good. The phrases “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” “Green New Deal,” and “Carbon Footprint” have become part of the discourse used from cocktail parties to congressional hearings. Yet, these “existential threats” are ultimately disjointed from reality.

That reality is this – Americans deserve clean air, clean water, but also energy independence and an economy that works for all Americans. The price tag for that does not and should not equal 93 trillion dollars.

The mission of Keep US Green is to educate Americans about what we need to do to protect the environment, and expose as fiction the dangerous agenda of some that uses our concern for the environment to generate billions in revenue for some, while doing nothing of actual consequence for the environment.

In fulfilling that mission, we will provide all Americans with evidence-based answers to the following questions:

  • What is the Green New Deal and what would it do for America’s economy and the environment?
  • How does excessive government regulation harm both our economy and the environment?
  • What can corporations and private capital do to help save America‘s environment?
  • What are the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas?
  • Is “clean coal” an option for a safer environment or is it a myth?

We hope that you will join our cause in proposing real solutions for a cleaner world that will support an economy for the 21st Century and beyond.